Delphi to use E Ink SDC for long-range wireless keyfob

Car manufacturer Delphi will be one of the first to use a new "segmented display cell" (SDC) from Manufacturer E Ink, which promises simple, clear displays that are both paper-thin and require minimal battery power. E Ink currently supplies the e-paper displays for Sony's Reader and Amazon's Kindle eBooks; however these new SDC panels are even thinner, have 180-degree viewing angles and can be produced in non-rectangular shapes (or even have holes in them). Delphi will use the SDC in a wireless bi-directional keyfob.

In fact, depending on application the new SDCs can be up to 40-percent thinner than current e-paper. They're also more flexible, and use the same Vizplex system that allows the screen to maintain an image, power-free, for up to a year. E Ink has suggested display smartcards, capacity indicators and electronic shelf labels as other potential uses for the technology.

Delphi's fob will permit both car-to-user and user-to-user communication, over longer ranges than traditional remotes. There has been no suggestion as to when the fob will be available.

[via Electronista]