Dell XPS 10 Windows RT tablet revealed with 20hr battery

Dell has joined the Windows RT tablet crowd, with the new Dell XPS 10 making its official debut at IFA today. A 10-inch slimline slate that – as we saw from Samsung yesterday – comes with a removable keyboard dock, the biggest selling point for the XPS 10 is likely to be its impressive battery claims: Dell says it'll run for 20hrs on a single charge.

That's 20hrs without full Windows apps, of course, since Windows RT runs only a smaller subset of specially created software for the ARM-based platform. Dell's chipset partner in this case is Qualcomm, though the company won't say exactly which of the silicon specialist's Snapdragons is found inside.

Up front is an HD touchscreen, while Dell has squeezed both microUSB and microSD connections into the 10mm thick slate. We're guessing on Bluetooth and WiFi inside, and hoping that Dell does road warriors a service by including integrated 3G/4G options.

Pricing is yet to be announced, and in fact Dell is keeping most details on the XPS 10 close to its proverbial chest. We've got more live shots coming up very soon.