Dell will sell Surface Pro as Windows 10 courts workers

Adam Westlake - Sep 8, 2015, 11:28am CDT
Dell will sell Surface Pro as Windows 10 courts workers

Microsoft and Dell have just announced a new partnership that aims to bring Windows 10 and the Surface tablet to more enterprise users. Starting in October, this arrangement will see Dell selling Microsoft’s Surface Pro devices and accessories to enterprises in the US and Canada, along with additional services and support. The surfaces sold through Dell will also come with options for Dell Services, which includes hardware warranties, damage service, managed deployment, and configuration services.

Microsoft has been eager to get Windows 10 to appeal to enterprises, with the new OS featuring a number of benefits for companies, including better protection against cyber-attacks, more security for employees, and better software management. In this partnership, Microsoft gets to leverage Dell’s role as a strong enterprise vendor.

The Surface Pro 3 is already a popular mobile device among professionals, however companies have been wanting to buy the tablet from one partner in a single transaction that includes support and services, and gets the device deployed around the world. This is where Dell steps in, selling the Surface Pro in North America in October, as well as the rest of the 28 global Surface markets in early 2016.

Microsoft says it will also be working with HP, Accenture, and Avanade to reach even more enterprise customers. Windows 10 has already been successful in reaching a huge amount of private consumers, seeing 75 million installs in the first month alone, but a successful push like this into enterprise would really cement the OS’s status as a triumph for Microsoft.

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