Windows 10 sees 75 million installs after only 4 weeks

Microsoft is celebrating the four-week anniversary of Windows 10's release by revealing that the new operating system has already been installed on 75 million PCs around the world. Windows 10 has been off to a great start since day one, seeing 14 million installs within the first 24 hours. For comparisons sake, Windows 8 saw 40 million licenses sold in its first month, eventually reaching 100 million at the six-month mark. There's little doubt that Windows 10's adoption rate has to do with it being a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users.

The 75 million figure came from Windows corporate VP Yusuf Mehdi, who tweeted a number of statistics about the rollout of Windows 10. Other interesting numbers include that Windows 10 is running on PCs in 192 countries, representing nearly every nation on the planet, and over 90,000 unique PC and tablet devices have been upgraded.

Plus, almost 122 years of Xbox One gameplay has already been streamed to Windows 10 PCs, Cortana has told over half a million jokes in response to users asking the voice assistant to "tell me a joke" (no word on how funny they were, though). But one of the more impressive stats, at least when in comes to apps, is that Windows 10 has seen more than six times the number of Windows Store downloads per device that Window 8 did.

That last figure is especially important to Microsoft, as they've greatly increased their efforts to attract and make it easy for iOS and Android developers to bring their apps to the Windows platform. It's also likely Windows will continue to see rapid installation numbers in the future, as Microsoft has made it clear that going forward the OS will be treated more like a service, with upgrades being made available for free.

SOURCE Yusuf Mehdi/Twitter