Dell: we "did not knowingly ship faulty motherboards"

Dell has spoken up regarding its side of the Optiplex hardware failure issue, which has been resurrected after legal papers suggesting the company had purposefully misled owners were unsealed.  In a post on the company's Direct2Dell blog, they reiterate that the issue was addressed several years ago and that it affects no current product line; they also insist that "Dell did not knowingly ship faulty motherboards" and highlight the fact that AIT – who brought the lawsuit – were using their OptiPlex systems as servers "for which they weren't designed."

However they are yet to address the claims that Dell employees colluded to misrepresent the issue to consumers.  Dell's lawyers had previously said that quotes had been taken out of context, but the company hasn't made an official statement on the matter.  AIT alleged that Dell were aware of the Nichicon capacitor problems that were causing the hardware failures, yet continued to replace broken motherboards with others using the same components which they were aware would also likely break.