Dell Venue Pro in the UK Delayed Until February Due to Software

The Dell Venue Pro is one of the Windows Phone 7 handsets that, while it hasn't seen a huge adoption rate due to the fact that it hasn't seen an actual "smooth" release since its announcement, is still one of the more popular handsets. It's got the features that people want, and a portrait slider that hides a physical keyboard. But, it looks like the device, as far as those heading to the United Kingdom are concerned anyway, won't be making a timely arrival, either.

Clove UK has announced that the Dell Venue Pro will be delayed until about the middle of February, as the carrier is having trouble with the software that handles MMS. Clove is pointing the finger entirely at Microsoft, saying that it is their software having the issues. Clove was expecting to stock the device at the beginning of January. There's not an exact date yet, but if you're looking forward to the device, then stay tuned. Perhaps a certain upgrade can help with the situation.

[via WMPowerUser]