Dell Studio Hybrid mini PC breaks cover

It might look like a blurry humidor, but in actual fact this is Dell's upcoming Studio Hybrid mini PC.  Clad in what's believed to be orange plexiglass, the machine – an update of the bamboo eco computer seen in April – may be small but the spec list certainly isn't shy: an unspecified Intel chipset, 4GB of RAM and 320GB hard-drive makes for a very reasonable compact computer.

Other specs include WiFi, a DVD+R drive and a memory card reader.  Dell seem to be positioning the Studio Hybrid as a potential HTPC, since there's lashings of connectivity: five USB ports, an HDMI port, S/PDIF and DVI. 

No word on price or availability, but Dell have previously suggested somewhere in the region of $500 to $700.  That makes it more than, say, ASUS' Eee PC, but then the components are a whole lot more grown up.