Dell Mini 5 MID video teardown: Snapdragon inside

Chris Davies - Jan 18, 2010, 3:12am CST
Dell Mini 5 MID video teardown: Snapdragon inside

The Dell Mini 5 (aka Dell Streak) may have made its debut at CES 2010, but the company were still keeping most of the technical specifications close to their chest.  Unfortunately they obviously didn’t count on a pre-release teardown taking place; over in the Tinhte forums, user cuhiep has stripped the 5-inch Android MID down to its 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

Video teardown after the cut

Also lurking inside is a 3G modem with SIM slot, WiFi and a user-accessible microSD card slot, together with a 1,530mAh battery.  Whether that will be enough to provide all-day web browsing remains to be seen.  There’s also an internal microSD card slot, which we’re guessing Dell are using either for the Mini 5’s onboard storage or for its Android OS.

Obviously the video below is in Vietnamese, but there’s still plenty to be enjoyed as the Mini 5 gets stripped down; there’s also some Vietnamese rock music thrown in for good measure.  Still no word on when the Dell Mini 5 will actually make it to market, however.

[Thanks Tran Manh Khang!]

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