Dell Mini 5 first of “a family of tablets”

Chris Davies - Feb 26, 2010, 7:22am CST

Dell’s Mini 5 is just the first tablet the company are planning to release, and the Apple iPad is basically their target.  That’s the message from Neeraj Choubey, general manager of Dell’s tablet division, who has confirmed that the Mini 5 will be one of “a family of tablets”, and he’s also suggested that the company is working with carriers to push for low-cost data package plans similar to what Apple has negotiated.

“The first one is a 5-inch screen but we want to scale that up to a variety of screen sizes” Choubey explained, describing the Mini 5 as a device “optimized for media consumption.”  However Dell are also looking to more productivity applications, suggesting that “there’s no reason why you can’t use the tablet to take notes in class”; that would likely be using an on-screen keyboard rather than stylus-driven handwriting recognition, such as we’ve seen before on tablet PCs.

The new range will be accompanied by cloud-based services intended to make users’ data more accessible.  “At a very basic level, you would have a service that will share content across the devices seamlessly and have it in the cloud” Choubey suggests.  Dell are still keeping quiet on exactly when we can expect the Mini 5 to launch, how much it might cost or indeed what its production name will be.

Dell Mini 5 overview:

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