Dell Mini 3 and Google Nexus One UK launch plans unfold

CES 2010's US-focus means we generally have to wait a little longer to hear about when some of the more appealing gadgets may make their way to foreign shores, but a couple of the headline-grabbing Android smartphones have already been promised to the UK.  Dell confirmed with Electricpig that the Dell Mini 3 would be, perhaps unsurprisingly, headed to the UK, together with the tease that the handset was apparently "built specifically with the UK in mind", while Total Telecom have heard from UK carriers T-Mobile and 3 that they're currently negotiating with Google over the Nexus One.

We can't see AT&T being particularly pleased about that Dell soundbite, since the US carrier brought the company on-stage earlier in the week as part of their triumphant new five-strong Android line-up.  Perhaps Dell reckon that where the UK goes in terms of smartphones, the US will follow on after, even if the Mini 3 ends up launching on AT&T first.

As for the Google Nexus One, the HTC-made "superphone" will arrive in the UK on Vodafone initially, though it's already available to order by UK customers as long as they don't mind having it shipped from the US (and thus paying the inevitable import duties and tax).  It leaves O2 as the grumpy one; they've said they currently have "no plans" to launch the Nexus One, and that in fact customers should be wary of buying unlocked cellphones not specifically tested on their network.

[via Coolsmartphone and via TechDigest]