Dell Mini 10 netbook mod creates huge Mini 3i Android phone [Video]

It looks like Dell's Mini 3i smartphone is prompting just as much interest in Android over in China as it does in the US and Europe, as one modder has created their own huge version of the touchscreen handset.  According to Shanzai, the project started off as a Dell Mini 10 netbook – which means this replica Mini 3i has a 10-inch display – which was then reshaped into the smartphone form-factor.  You can see a timelapse video of the conversion after the cut.

The mod involved completely replacing the Mini 10's original case with a new, custom-made Mini 3i replica.  A touchscreen layer was added and then – no mean feat in itself – Android coerced to run on x86 hardware complete with Dell's own Mini 3i interface.

It's not the most pocket-friendly of smartphones, and less comfortable to talk on than even a first-gen Nokia N-Gage, but we've got to give the modder kudos for his efforts.  We're hoping to hear some more about the US/European release of Dell's Android smartphone at CES next week.

[via jkkmobile]