Dell M109S DLP Micro Projector reviewed: Mobile Pro's Dream

With power consumption at 34W, Dell's M109S DLP Micro Projector is never going to end up squashed inside a cellphone, but for the mobile presenter the 0.8lb device could be a godsend.  Capable of throwing a 858 x 600 SVGA image from either composite or VGA, Popular Mechanics have been putting a prototype of the M109S through its paces, and despite some color concerns come away impressed.

They tried the pico-projector with a MacBook Pro and it worked straight away, exactly what you want to hear when you're considering the need for super-speedy setup at the start of presentations.  Colors are reportedly more washed out than "a top-end home theater projector", but that's really not what the M109S is all about.  Instead, you get a super-portable, 3.46 x 4.12 x 1.46-inch projector that can create an image roughly the size of a few sheets of paper.

In all, Popular Mechanics saw great potential, especially when you consider that the Dell M109S is priced at just $499.  Check out their video review here.  The M109S is available from today.