Dell Lightning Introduces Windows Phone 7 In A Portrait Slider

Apparently, Dell has had some things cooking in the proverbial oven, because they've all spilled out tonight. While the majority of them feature a different mobile Operating System, the Lightning features the upcoming Windows Phone 7. And, from the looks of it, even if Windows Phone 7 isn't officially available, Dell isn't messing around.

We're sure that you're staring at these renders in shock and awe, just as we are, because yes, these are remarkably good looking devices. It's been a long time since we've seen a portrait slider actually look worth it, and Dell has indeed made it worth it. Because, under these gorgeous aesthetic sharp angles, we've got some impressive specs: 1GHz Snapdragon processor, AT&T and T-Mobile USA 3G bands, a 5MP autofocus camera on the back, and a 4.1-inch WVGA OLED display.

Also on the inside, we've got 1GB of flash memory, along side 512MB RAM, with an additional 8GB of storage thrown in for good measure. The interesting part of that last bit, is that it's on an 8GB MicroSD card, but we're going to safely assume that you can't replace it on your own. It also features GPS, an accelerometer, integrated FM radio, and a compass. Oddly enough, despite the fact Microsoft says Windows Phone 7 won't support Flash Player at the start, the Lightning does anyway. But, the most important part, is that the handset is upgradeable to LTE in the fourth quarter of 2011. So, even a year after the phone launches, it will still be relevant. (At least, that's the plan, right?) The phone should launch the fourth quarter this year, but no word on pricing.

[via Engadget]