Dell Latitude Z600 shows up in the wild

Chris Davies - Jun 16, 2009, 5:18am CDT
Dell Latitude Z600 shows up in the wild

In-the-wild photos of Dell’s upcoming Latitude Z600 notebook have emerged, and while there are no solid specifications known at present, it’s looking to be an interesting portable.  The Z600 is tipped as having a 15-inch display, while the logos suggest Intel’s Centrino platform serves up the underlying grunt.

There’s also a fingerprint scanner, webcam and an oddly angled rear section that holds the ethernet port.  Ports include USB 2.0 and DisplayPort; we’d expect there to be WiFi and Bluetooth inside, too.

No news on when we might see an official reveal from Dell for the Latitude Z600, but with units in the wild it seems only a matter of time until the spec sheet is confirmed.  More photos of the notebook in the gallery below.

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