Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook gets $100 32GB SSD option

Dell have doubled the amount of solid-state storage available on their Inspiron Mini 9 netbook, in the shape of a new 32GB SSD option.  A $100 upgrade from the basic 4GB drive, the new 32GB brings the Mini 9 neatly back into competition with the latest Eee PC models.

However there's no indication of what manufacturer of drive Dell have used, nor what speeds users can expect to see.  While SSDs are generally credited with being faster in operation than traditional platter-based hard-drives, testing with multiple models has shown that performance varies dramatically.

What is clear, however, is that the 32GB drive is a good deal compared to the 16GB SSD option, which Dell price at $75 above the standard 4GB model.  That's twice the capacity for just $25, meaning you'd be a real penny-pincher to settle for the 16GB.

[via Engadget]