Dell GPS option with CoPilot for Mini 10 netbook next week

Dell have announced that their Mini 10 netbook will get a GPS option next week in the US.  The 10-inch netbook will be offered with Dell's Wireless 700 location solution as an option, which will use both a hardware GPS chip together with WiFi triangulation to acquire positioning data.  They'll also include CoPilot.

With CoPilot users of the GPS netbook will be able to access 2D and 3D mapping, turn-by-turn directions, instant detours and trip optimization.  Up to fifty locations can be strung together in a single journey.  Meanwhile GPS data will be used in the browser via the Loki plugin, calling up local results in compatible sites, search engines and social networking platforms.

Initially the Dell Wireless 700 location system will only support Windows XP, though Vista and Windows 7 will apparently follow on, as will other notebook models.  No official word on how much the option will be, but we're hearing a $70 upgrade for the wireless chip and a mandatory $30 upgrade for the Mini 10's HD screen option.