Dell challenge netbook trademark, claim Psion lied then abandoned it

After Psion stepped into the netbook fray, not with a model of their own but a whole lot of legal talk that they own the "netbook" trademark, we've all been waiting to see which company will step up and contest it.  Dell has obviously decided to be that challenger, filing a petition with the United States Patent and Trademark Office requesting that the Psion trademark be cancelled. 

According to Dell, there are three good reasons why Psion's trademark should be declared null.  Firstly, and of most interest to us consumers, they're saying that Psion abandoned the trademark as they have no products based upon it.  Secondly, Dell are accusing Psion of fraud in their initial registration, over Psion's claim in 2006 that they have used the "netbook" trademark for five consecutive years.

Finally, Dell believe that the term "netbook" has now become generic, and is no longer associated with anything specific from Psion's stable.  We're yet to her Psion's rebuttal.

[via jkOnTheRun]