Dell Axim Grows Up To Usurp Your Desktop PC

Although I've got a PDA lying around the house somewhere, I never considered using it as a full desktop-replacement.  Thankfully there are people with more imagination than I have out there, for instance Axim Site forum member afarre, who has crafted this insanely clever port-replicator jacket for his handheld.  What started off as a $45 in-car PDA holder, sprinkled with around $15 of parts and a little old PC cannibalising, took shape over ten days into the port-sporting beast you see here.  Make sure you check out after the jump for gruesome photos of innards and a full setup shot.

Full feature list:

    • VGA out
    • Serial port with circuit for TTL to RS232 signals conversion.
    • Car charger
    • Input for 5v Dell power supply (includes protection against connecting 12v and 5v at a time)
    • PDA USB client connector.
    • USB HUB x4 (powered when applying 5v or 12v)
    • Audio preamplifier with double format output (RCA and mini-jack connectors)

    Forum thread [via MAKE:]