Dell And Baidu Are Working Together On Tablet Computers And Mobile Phones

In China, the Baidu search engine is the most popular and widely used. Google operates in China as well, but is second place behind Baidu. China is also one of the fastest growing markets for tablets and has one of the largest mobile phone using populations on the planet. Dell is teaming up with Baidu to make new mobile phones and tablet computers for the Chinese market.

The phones would apparently be branded with the Baidu name, which is one of the largest brands in the country. Dell hopes that the tie up with one of the largest brands in China will help jump start its ailing tablet and smartphone business. Some analysts don't think the tie up will help Dell that much with one saying China is still Apple's market and that this is just Dell "grasping at straws."

Dell has offered no time line on when the devices will launch. However, Reuters reports that a Chinese outlet is saying the products could come as early as November. Dell and Baidu are already working together on a Baidu branded Streak 5 tablet in China. The Streak 5 was discontinued in the US last month after poor sales. Dell has had more success in China with its new products than in other countries so the tie up with Baidu is no surprise.

[via Reuters]