Dell Adamo second teaser much better: robots, lasers, less mood lighting

After Dell's not so much frustrating but merely pointless initial Dell Adamo teaser video, the company has thankfully decided to show us a little more laptop and a little less mood lighting the second time around.  There's still little detail in terms of exact specifications, but it does give a better look of an ultraportable that's certainly distinctive.Dell Adamo video after the cut

Perhaps the nicest thing you could say to any laptop manufacturer is "your ultraportable doesn't look like a MacBook Air derivative", and in the case of the Dell Adamo that's arguably true.  From the angle of our screengrab, above, the keyboard and trackpad do look a little like the last-gen MacBook and MacBook Pro, but the hinge, rear bulge and detailing – which you can see in the full video, below – are all pretty unique.

Still no word on when we might actually find out some useful information about the Adamo, but Dell seem happy with their teases and sly glimpses.  Hopefully we'll see a full announcement before everyone gets bored.