Dell Adamo confirmed in paid-rumor admission

Dell's rumored upcoming MacBook Air rival, the Adamo, has been confirmed by the company themselves, who have admitted to taking out an advert in "luxury" internet publication UptownLife magazine promoting the device. Dell spokesman Bob Kaufman has confirmed that the image of the advert, seen here, was a paid inclusion, but that the text (shown after the cut) was the work of UptownLife themselves.

"Rumor has it that Dell is coming out with a computer called Adamo that will rival the MacBook Air. At press time, the company was keeping the product tightly under wraps, but PC users rejoice – word on the street is that something cool is coming your way" Dell advert

UptownLife co-founder Brett Wright has declined to comment on either the advert or its subsequent removal.  According to Kaufman, the advert was intended to "wake up the personal computing category and create some buzz", but the implication is that the comparison between Adamo and the MacBook Air was UptownLife's doing.

One criticism of Wright's site is that it can be difficult to tell the difference between paid content – i.e. adverts such as Dell's – and their own.  Dell run the risk of the Adamo launch being overshadowed by questions regarding how much hype the laptop created itself, and how much was paid for.

[via Engadget]