Delete your apps, what's left?

If you deleted every one of your phone's apps, what would be left of your life? Would you still have a job? Would your friends still speak with you? How about your family – would you still be able to communicate? Could you find a way to show everyone what you're doing every day – or would you even want to?

Today I had a thought, and I wanted to ask you, SlashGear readers, what you thought. If you, a modern smartphone-using person, stopped accessing your social networks, your mobile games, your podcasts, what would be left? If you did it suddenly, would your friends follow suit?

If I stopped using Facebook, not a whole lot would change. I actually quit using the Facebook app about a year ago, and my life's only gotten simpler. I don't communicate with some of my oldest friends as often as I did before – but when I do, it's more of an epic event – and I remember how important each moment of communication is to me.

I don't visit Twitter on my smartphone anymore. That's been a positive move for me, in basically every way. Twitter never brought me anything positive. When Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign was launched, Twitter became a poison in my life. It infected my life and made every day at least a little bitter – every day I opened the Twitter app. So I deleted it.

Nothing bad's happened since I deleted Facebook, and nothing bad's happened since I deleted Twitter. I'm not young enough to have really gotten in to Snapchat when it first took hold, so that app deletion didn't really affect me in any major way.

Next up: Hearthstone. I'm still very much addicted to Hearthstone. The folks behind this mobile game are so extremely good at keeping users like myself hooked, it's incredible. The game is fun, sure, but the real reason I keep playing is the "you'll get something cool tomorrow" jams they push. Today I'm going to quit. Wish me luck.

How about you?

Can you quit all your apps? Is it possible?