"Defiance" is both a TV show and a video game

The new SyFy drama "Defiance" is taking a big leap and is going to be the first TV show to have a video game counterpart weaved into it at the same time. While it's normal for some shows and movies to have video games made after they air, like The Walking Dead, Defiance will seamlessly connect both simultaneously. The actual show will take place in a revamped St. Louis, while you will be able to create a new character in a revamped San Francisco.

The TV show, which is set to premiere next Monday, is set 30 years after 2013. Aliens known as Votans have come to Earth in search of a new home. After some conflicts, and a Votan ambassador being assassinated by a human supremacist, the Votans and Humans go to war. The war wages on for 30 years before both species agree to a ceasefire to ensure their survival. Joshua Nolan, a former Marine, declares himself the Chief Lawkeeper of Defiance (the revamped St. Louis) to maintain peace between the Votans and the humans, and to protect the town from the dangers of the outside world.

Defiance worked together with Trion Worlds to develop the Defiance MMO. The game is available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the PC for $59.99. Characters are able to create their own characters and play in the Defiance world. There are massive co-op battles, tons of weapons, "Fierce Shadow War" multiplayer, and constant updates, including 5 DLCs set to come out in the future. For PC users, there is a deluxe edition available for $99.99 that gives you many extra bonuses. There is no subscription fee for the game.

Kevin Murphy, writer and producer of Desperate Housewives, is the executive producer for Defiance. In an interview with Reuters, he stated, "What's unusual about what we're doing... is we're building the second-screen concept into the actual DNA of the show-game combo." He states that in future seasons of the show, there will be crossovers between the game and the TV show, including implementing actual user characters into the TV show in later seasons and having actions in the video game affect the plot of the show. The game and the show cost $100 million in total to create, and the crossover between both will hopefully secure a dedicated fan base.

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