Deezer strikes Bose deal to bring another exclusive subscription

Early last month, Deezer revealed a lossless service would be arriving in the United States via an exclusive partnership with Sonos, something that has been expanded to include Bose. Though the two announcements are quite similar, there is one big difference — the option for Bose users will be cheaper and not lossless.

This provides two different types of Deezer service to those in the US, though both are restricted to those with the right hardware. While the FLAC-touting Sonos option is great for audiophiles and relatively pricey at $15 per month, the Bose offering will be the opposite.

Deezer North America's CEO Tyler Goldman said earlier this week that this is "the first mass-market launch in the US" for his company, though it follows last month's announcement. This is due, in part, to the lower price point at which the service will be available.

Those who sign up for an entire year of service (via Bose) will be charged $5 monthly, a third of what Sonos users are paying. This subscription includes the use of mobile devices when desired. When Deezer will finally be available for anyone to use hasn't been revealed.