Dedicated Halo 2 Players Keep Online Gaming Going

So, what's the definition of dedication? There's probably a bunch of answers for that, and we're sure you even managed to make up a few for yourself, even after you read the title of this article. For 14 individuals, the meaning of dedication is keeping your Xbox console on for 12 days, playing the ever-living snot out of your favorite game. What's that game happen to be? Yep, you guessed it: Halo 2.

When Microsoft decided to officially cut off the line to the original Xbox LIVE, gamers all over the place wept. Or something close to that. And in truth, we understand. It really was an end to an era. But, for a few gamers out there, they weren't ready to call it quits. So, they devised a plan: just keep playing. Despite the fact Microsoft has cut off support for Halo 2 (along with all of the other v1 Xbox titles still able to run on the Xbox 360, and original Xbox consoles), these gamers haven't shut off their consoles, keeping the games alive and well. At least for a short time.

By keeping their systems on, and not severing their own Internet connections, the players are able to keep the game going. But, it hasn't been easy. Staying online for 12 days, which means not turning their consoles off for the 12 days, has made several people overheat their consoles. While the number is 14 as of this writing, the original number was larger. The gamers are intending to play for as long as they can, but they don't care about the press, or any accolades of any sorts. They just want to keep playing Halo 2 because it's Halo 2. Makes perfect sense to us. At least until Halo Reach hits stores.

[via CNET]