Death Star tiles make any room daunting

There's a company out there called Tom Spina Designs that wants to make your house into the most daunting of Star Wars-themed environments. They've created a total of 14 "master tiles" which replicate the surface of the original Death Star from Star Wars: A New Hope, allowing you to flip and trade out any number of combinations (well, not ANY number, but a whole lot), for a fully desolate looking construction. These tiles are made with linoleum for optimum home-matching abilities.

You'll find the company making certain that these tiles will be used for good, not kitch, with a full description of recommended use-cases for the hardware. Instead of coating your room from top to bottom with the arrangement of your choice, the team suggests you use them in a half-mast sort of situation, covering the bottom half of your walls like wainscoating.

Above you'll see an example of a home theater produced with the 14 tiles as a large element in a full Death Star execution.

What's especially ironic about these tiles is the similarities they share with the original set of tiles used in Star Wars: A New Hope. The group which would become Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) collected as many pieces of models and glued them together, making certain they were all shades of gray to create an epic indiscernible set of machined tiles to create the Death Star surface.

Each time the company needed a unique shot, they'd simply re-arrange the tiles to change over. Keen-eyed viewers have taken painstaking effort to find repeated tiles from the film, but have been woefully unsuccessful on the whole.

Should you want to make with the tiles made by Tom Spina Designs, please feel free to do so. If you end up creating your own tiles from scap, please let us know how it goes!

VIA: FastCoDesign, Kotaku