Death Star Planetarium puts you in a galaxy far, far away

Perhaps we're just still on a Star Wars high after the Verizon DROID R2-D2 by Motorola dropped on our desk yesterday, but we're eyeing up this Death Star Planetarium and – against our better judgement – wondering if we should pick one up.  The compact ball is decorated to look like the Empire's planet destroyer, but actually creates a map of the heavens – either real or according to George Lucas' imagination – on your ceiling.

It's supplied with two mapping discs, one for the authentic night sky and the other a map of the Star Wars universe, including Naboo, Dagobah, Mustafar and Tatooine.  The regular map gives a perspective from the Northern hemisphere, meanwhile.

The whole thing is battery powered and, as such, is only really suitable for nighttime use; Firebox recommend it as a nightlight.  It's available now for £29.99 ($47).