Dawn of The Planet of The Apes trailer brings death

Chris Burns - Dec 18, 2013
Dawn of The Planet of The Apes trailer brings death

There’s a big possibility that you’ll want to skip watching the first trailer for The Dawn of The Planet of the Apes movie if you’ve not seen the first Planet of The Apes film with “Rise” in the title. This first full paragraph will be your warning: spoilers are not included for this new movie, but if you’ve not seen the first one in this reboot series, you’ll want to do that first. This new trailer is for the film that’ll be released inside 2014.

The Dawn of The Planet of The Apes film will begin “a decade” after the end of the first film in this series, starting in with chatter of a deadly virus. You’ll have seen the effect of this virus JUST beginning at the end of the “Dawn” movie, with a scene that suggests it’ll have spread at an alarming rate through the rest of the world through airports and massive overpopulation as such.

Now we’re dealing with “a growing nation of genetically evolved apes” that are lead by our anti-hero Caesar. This ape is once again played by the fabulous Andy Serkis, best known for his Gollum/Smeagol from The Lord of The Rings film series and The Hobbit – where he also took on the role of 2nd string director, mind you. He’ll be joined this time around by actors Gary Oldman and Judy Greer on the other side of the war.

For that’s what this movie is all about – the battle. After having reached a peace, the apes and the humans are on the brink. This film is most certainly going to be about survival, and a bit different from the original series with stand-up apes and the very quick evolution from one iteration to the other. It’s a whole new brand of classic that only writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver could make happen!

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