Dash Cam Dually twin-camera keeps an eye on accidents

Cameras intended to be permanently mounted inside a car and used to record evidence of crashes aren't exactly common, at least as far as we're aware, so it comes as something of a surprise to find the Dash Cam Dually described as "the final answer to all car cameras".  Ridiculous name aside, the DCD has two 1.3-megapixel cameras and is packed with GPS, a digital compass and a shock-sensor, and automatically records what's going on inside and outside the vehicle in the case of a collision.

There are also four infrared LEDs used to illuminate nighttime scenes, and everything is recorded to an SD card complete with time/date logs, speed, location and other details.

Included viewing software shows both camera angles at once, plus automatically pulls up a Google Maps location for any point during playback.  A 2GB card is included, but if you have enough storage you can set it to continuously save video; they say that's handy to monitor teenage drivers or employees.

Of course, there's always a downside to any gadget, and here it's the crazy-high pricing.  The Dash Cam Dually is priced at $385, which seems madly high frankly.

[via Red Ferret Journal]