Dark Horse's classic Star Wars comics 50% off before final discontinuation

Before Disney's acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, the comic book rights were held by publisher Dark Horse. Since 1991, a large number of stories have been told that take place in the renowned galaxy far, far away, coming to be known under the umbrella of the Expanded Universe. Sadly, Disney and LucasFilm have decided that the Expanded Universe is now considered non-canon, and starting January 1st, 2015, Marvel will be taking over the rights to Star War comics.

But, there is good news for fans of the classic Star Wars comics, as Dark Horse has just announced that every single issue from its archives, in digital form, is on sale for 50% off through December 31st. Fans eager to take advantage of this deal, or those hoping to own a complete collection, better act fast, as once January 1st hits, the Dark Horse books will no longer be available.

There's also a killer deal for those just getting into the Expanded Universe, or maybe for those who upon hearing this news want to get the whole archive before it's too late. For only $300 Dark Horse will sell you the entire digital collection in one package.

As the release of the next Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, approaches next year, Disney and LucasFilm said that the official canon would be reduced to the previous six movies, the Clone Wars series, and any other forthcoming movies. The many other branching storylines that developed since Return of the Jedi was originally released, such as the Expanded Universe comics and novels, are now to be labelled as "Legends."

Fans who simply like getting their Star Wars fix in comic book form need not worry, as part of the deal of Disney taking the reins of the series includes a set of three new comics from Marvel, another recent Disney acquisition, to be released next year.

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