Dark Horse to release new Mass Effect comic series

Dark Horse plans on releasing a new Mass Effect comic series titled, Mass Effect: Foundation. The series will be written by Mac Walters, who also helped write Mass Effect 2, and was the story lead writer for Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect: Foundation is said to feature a strong female character, and that the storyline is going to go back to existing stories in the Mass Effect universe and elaborate on them more. Fans will be glad to know that many of their favorite characters will be showing up throughout the series.Mass Effect: Foundation will be 12-issues long, with 1 issue being released every month. The comic book series will feature some tie-ins with Mass Effect 3's upcoming DLC, Citadel. This is the longest running comic book series in the Mass Effect franchise, and it will be very character-based. Walters says that the new series, nor any of the comic series, will feel like they've been "tacked-on" to the Mass Effect universe. The comics will seamlessly tie in with the Mass Effect games because they didn't want to create something and would make it feel "like we slapped the "Mass Effect" game on it."

Also commenting on Mass Effect 3's controversial, original ending, Walters stated that "People love the story, they love the characters, and while people had issues with the ending, many people have understood — sometimes with the help of the Extended Cut — where we were trying to go with that." He feels that the team delivered the story that they originally intended, and that the extended cut endings were added to give fans more of what they were looking for.

This 12-issue series will give fans much more background to the hugely popular Mass Effect franchise. Given that the writer is Mac Walters, you can expect the series to stay true to the Mass Effect universe. Walters was evasive about whether or not the Mass Effect series will be coming to the PlayStation 4, but he did say they that were considering it. He also says that fans should look forward to the new Citadel DLC coming out next week, and that he, and the team, would appreciate any feedback. You can read the rest of his interview here.

[via Comic Book Resources]