Daniel Eatock Teaches the World to Compensate with a Cheap Bookshelf

Take a look at this, a bookshelf that you could potentially purchase from a store for about... oh... $10? So long that when heavy contents are placed along the center, it bends and arcs. Designer / artist Daniel Eatock saw this situation and decided to make the best out of it by grabbing all of his favorite books and placing them along the center in a perfect order, an order so perfect that the arc of the shelf and the height of each of the books perfectly compliment one another in harmony.

Although this would be an amazingly simple sort of bookshelf to produce and sell in hipster shops across the USA, Eatock has only produced two of these, and both times for installations. This particular one you see above is host to 75 books that were, every single one of them, used as research material that informed the art show this project was included in, Book Show, Eastside Projects, all of them owned by the show's curator James Langdon.

MDF 1220mm long x 300mm deep x 18mm thick, two metal brackets, 75 books – take a peek on Eatock's portfolio page for a full list of the books used (if you want to recreate it yourself, I suppose.)

[Via Daniel Eatock]