Danger Dodge: Put 2013 Challenger in park warns Chrysler

Chris Davies - Mar 18, 2013
Danger Dodge: Put 2013 Challenger in park warns Chrysler

Chrysler has warned owners of 2013 Dodge Challenger models running V6 engines to park up their cars and avoid driving them, after a potential fire hazard that has already caused multiple incidents forced a recall. Seven accidents are currently known about, where the wire harness in 2013 model year cars with the V6 power plant can overheat; however, Chrysler says it is unaware of any injuries as a result, and almost half of the affected Challengers haven’t even been sold yet.

Of the 4,459 cars being recalled overall for the issue, approximately 2,500 have been bought and delivered to drivers. The rest are still with dealers, Chrysler says, which should make addressing the wiring problems more straightforward.

However, those who do have an affected Challenger could find the recall puts a temporary freeze on their muscle-car fun. Chrysler has warned owners that not only should they not drive the 2013 V6 model until the wiring harness has been replaced, they should even park it outside and away from other buildings and cars, just in case it catches fire before the fix is applied.

Owners will get a free loaner while they wait, and the car company is speeding the recall process by trying to contact all of those affected by phone rather than waiting for them to check their mail.

Chrysler wouldn’t confirm to USA Today which particular component in the wire harness is at fault, describing it only as “a single batch of misconfigured electrical components” that resisted engineers’ attempts to address the flaw. It’s unclear how much the recall will cost Chrysler, and indeed how long the fix will take to apply.

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