Daft Punk breaks up, for real: Internet responds

Twenty-eight years after forming in Paris, France, Daft Punk broke up. They announced this end-of-days with a video posted on their YouTube channel. The video was titled Epilogue, featuring a clip from Electroma in which the two robots meet, and one commits self-destruct. Daft Punk publicist Kathryn Frazier confirmed the breakup.

At the moment it would appear that this is a legitimate, true, and final breakup of the music duo Daft Punk. This does not mean that the artists will not continue to do work individually, but for the moment, it would seem that the robot band Daft Punk is done and over.

The confirmation of breakup was delivered to Pitchfork this morning. The wider world of music and entertainment responded to the news this morning with tributes and cries for sanity in this mad, mad world.

Above you'll see a tribute from illustrator BossLogic. Below you'll find a lovely joke from Blake Hammond.

Next you'll find an image from Fandom, with a note about the relatively recent public desire by Disney's President of Music & Soundtracks to get Daft Punk back for Tron 3. Cross your fingers that's still a possibility – but don't bet on it.

Next you'll find a post from Artie (Interstelarcana) on the history of Daft Punk. There's a whole lot more there, but this is the list.

A radical Tweet thread was delivered by Daft Punk Fandom (Daft_Wub) showing the creation process behind the Daft Punk helmets. Drop in and see.

If you've seen any other high-quality or otherwise noteworthy responses to the Daft Punk breakup news, let us know! Meanwhile, drop down into the timeline of links below to see the most recent several bits and pieces that appeared in the Daft Punk universe over the last few years.