Da Vinci’s Demons goes digital with iPad second screen app

Chris Burns - Apr 12, 2013
Da Vinci’s Demons goes digital with iPad second screen app

With the new iPad app by the name of Da Vinci’s Demons: Citizens of Florence, you’ll be not just watching the show on Starz, you’ll be interacting with it as well. This app allows you to jump in with content that’s both absolutely free and next-level engaging: panoramic shots of on-set locations, information on 80+ artifacts, and a fully immersive user interface. With this app you’ll not just be sharing what you’re seeing – as many of the first wave of “second screen” apps are!

With Citizens of Florence you’ll have such an awesome experience that you’ll forget there’s a show to watch as well! Push your way through a collection of artifacts so lovely you’ll wonder why the app is free. Dive into 24 beautiful environments photographed panoramically right there in the midst of this fabulous visual experience!


NOTE: You can also watch the first episode of Da Vinci’s Demons free right this minute over on Starz – make it count!

And know this: you’ll not be just jumping in without a paddle. You’ll be choosing your own character to explore this environment. Depending on who you choose, you’ll be unlocking bits and pieces throughout Florence as you watch each episode. You’ll find more content than you know what to do with!


-Over an hour of custom video clips from the creator David S. Goyer, Historian – Dr. Findlen of Stanford, and deleted scenes
-Sneak peeks into the next episode of Da Vinci’s Demons
-100+ show elements including artifacts, characters, props and locations
-Exclusive Puzzles and Games
-Da Vinci’s inventions in stunning 360 degree format

Have a peek at this app in the iTunes app store right this minute – it’ll set your brain on fire and invent a way to put it out before you can click on it. Let us know if you’re convinced yet that second screen apps are the way of the future!

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