D-Link DWM-T100 micro-USB TV Tuner for Android provides TV on the go

Android fans who want to be able to watch live digital TV on the go have a new option for tuning in to their favorite programs from D-Link. The company has a new digital TV tuner that is designed to connect to Android smartphones that feature micro-USB ports. The tuner is the D-Link DWM-T100 and it has an included antenna for picking up digital TV broadcasts.

Rather than being an old-fashioned retractable silver mast antenna, D-Link includes a black flexible wire antenna that is won't be easy to break with use. D-Link has unveiled the product on its Australian website where it is listed for AUD $49.95 plus another $15 for delivery.

With the device installed users can watch digital TV broadcasts using an app that runs on the smartphone or tablet. The required app is available on Google Play at no cost. The adapter also ships with an F-Type antenna connector that allows you to connect a larger home antenna to the adapter.

The quality of broadcasts you get to watch using the device is going to depend greatly on the signal strength for digital broadcasts in your area. To use the TV adapter the device must have at least a 1GHz dual-core processor running Android 4.0.3 or higher.

SOURCE: Ausdroid