Cygnett iPod touch G3 and nano G5 cases listed early

It's always those darned case manufacturers giving things away.  Latest to scoop Apple to their own announcement is Cygnett, who have thrown up product pages for both iPod touch G3 and iPod nano G5 models; the same models we're expecting Apple to unveil later today.  The iPod touch G3 case has a cut-out for the rumored camera, while the iPod nano G5 images show a much-elongated display.

Unfortunately there are no shots of the back of the iPod nano G5 to tip whether it actually has a camera – as rumored – or not.  Where the iPod touch G3 description says the cases do not impinge on access to the camera (among other things) the nano G5 cases make no such promise, suggesting that in fact it's only the larger, touchscreen model that has optics.

We'll know for sure later on today, when SlashGear live-blog the whole Apple event starting from 10AM PST (1PM New York; 6PM London).  Join us at for all the details as they're announced.

[via Crave Asia]