Cyberus Smart Info Tablet gets reviewed: Dire

Chris Davies - Dec 11, 2009

Back when we first caught sight of the Cyberus Smart Info Tablet, we pondered out loud whether there was anything Sungale’s odd touchscreen gadget couldn’t do.  Ebook reader, web surfer, PMP, internet radio and PND, the list of abilities is impressive; unfortunately, as Gadgetell discovered in their review of the Cyberus, while the spec sheet might look promising, the end result is something of a disappointment.

They’re frustrated by the UI, bemused by the non-standard layout of the on-screen keyboard and generally underwhelmed by everything the Cyberus attempts to do.  With no ePUB ebook support you’re stuck using PDF, TXT or HTML files for reading, and the fonts are ugly and the navigation glitchy; two pages often “turn” at once, even if you only tap the button a single time.

Meanwhile video playback is squeezed into a small box, rather than taking advantage of the whole 7-inch display, and quality is juddery anyway.  Finally, the lack of multitasking means that despite all the tablet attempts to do, it can only disappoint you with one thing at a time.  Not good, especially when $249 would buy you a decent iPod touch or a proper ebook reader.

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