Cyberpong VR Review : Simple and Sharp

Brickbreaker for virtual reality – the first iteration of brick-breaker, you might call it. That's what Cyberpong VR is. This game was developed by the folks at developer studio Colopl NI, who suggest that it "takes the core experience of classic paddle ball games and brings it to life in an immersive and futuristic game world fully controlled by the player." That it does indeed.

This game does not pretend to seem real. Let's get that out of the way immediately. Some games in VR seek to bring you to a place where you feel like you're literally standing in front of a dinosaur or on top of a real mountain. This is not that. This is more like TRON.

Glowing lines, neon tones, the grid – the whole works.

In this game you'll be using two paddles to knock a ball – or a series of balls – in to a 3D grid where bricks will be broken. You may have played something similar on a touchscreen device in the recent past – there are plenty of similar games out there.

This game makes you feel as though you're holding the paddles – which you actually, physically are since you'll only be able to play this game with the HTC Vive at the moment.

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In addition to playing against a wall, breaking bricks, Cyberpong VR allows you to play with an opponent via the internet. They'll be hitting the ball from their side of the court, and you yours, not entirely unlike a sci-fi version of racquetball or squash.

But again, more like Tron than like real life.

In addition to paddles, you get a sort of suction/blaster gun, a laser gun, and a missile launcher. Just what you've always wanted to use to destroy bricks.

You'll gather energy from certain types of broken bricks, and said energy will be used to power these extra-powerful weapons of brick destruction.

This is one of those games that's simple enough anyone could play it, but promises to provide hours and hours of joy. And exercise. Without a doubt, this game is going to provide you with some sweat time.

Cyberpong VR has been released to Steam for the HTC Vive this month. There you'll find it for $14.99, and even right off the bat, it's worth the full amount.