CyanogenMod reveals Gello, an open-source browser for Android

CyanogenMod, the developers of the popular Android ROM of the same name, have just revealed they are working on an open-source browser called Gello, packed with options for customization. The browser is based on Google's Chromium, and is currently in development for Android. CyanogenMod has released a handful of images to tease us with, along with a 5-minute demonstration video.

There isn't a lot else known about the browser at this point, however it's made clear that Gello won't be coming to the Cyanogen OS, which is available on the OnePlus One smartphone. Rather, CyanogenMod will be including it in their Android ROM for rooted devices sometime in the future.

The original announcement of Gello was made on Google+ by CyanogenMod's Joey Rizzoli. Some of the prominent features we're able to glean from the video include options for saving webpages for offline reading, the ability to change the location for saved downloads as well as rename them, and a number of privacy settings that can be applied on a site-by-site basis, such blocking pop-ups and ads.

No timeframe has been given for when Gello will be released, however Rizzoli said that the browser won't be able to run on older, less powerful devices small system partitions. He also clarifies that the Gello is not a sign of CyanogenMod hating Google, but rather a way to offer users as many options for customization as they like. The developers say they invite users to keep Chrome on their device, along with any other Google apps they prefer.

SOURCE Joey Rizzoli/Google+

VIA Android Police