CyanogenMod Installer launching today on Google Play [UPDATE]

This afternoon the team at Cyanogen Inc. have made clear their intention to launch the CyanogenMod Installer to Google Play for Android. This app will made the CyanogenMod Project a reality in as simple a manner possible for users of Android who wish to work with a unique user interface for their Android device. Unlike most "launchers", this app installs the CyanogenMod ROM, effectively an operating system replacement for Android devices, top to bottom.

This app will be paired with a PC client application and aims to do away with the hassle involved in hacking and modding a smartphone. "As simple as a few clicks" is the goal here, with "over 9 million registered users" ready to have their community grow with new faces across the world.

With the installer you'll find CyanogenMod as a brand grow to new users who'd never before considered loading it. The idea that one would have to hack their smartphone to change the way they use it was until now a fearful prospect – Cyanogen Inc. aims to make the entire process as risk-free as possible with as few steps from start to finish as possible, too.

The most current build of CyanogenMod works with a custom DSPManager for customization of speaker output, a custom theming interface for ease in changing the way the OS looks and functions, and the security feature called Privacy Guard to keep up arms against "overzealous" apps. This OS also works with OTA (over the air) updates just as Android does, these software updates coming straight from CyanogenMod.

Stay tuned for the actual links – looks like the crew is still loading up the build for final release right this minute.

UPDATE: The Google Play app store listing is ready to roll, while the final public build for Windows devices (the other piece of the puzzle you need to make this activity work) will be live closer to 2PM PST, 4PM CST – stick around!

Until the PC app launches, you'll hit a sort of a dead-end in your process if you're attempting to work with this software. You may want to wait the extra few minutes until that end of the equation is live!

UPDATE 2: You can now continue with the process through which redirects now to You'll notice a "Beta" tag there – keep that in mind!