CyanogenMod GalleryNext aims to replace AOSP gallery

If you are a CyanogenMod user for your Android device, a new photo gallery app is incoming. It appears that the AOSP gallery app will be replaced by CyanogenMod's own GalleryNext app. GalleryNext promises some nice feature without becoming overly complicated and difficult to use.

The GalleryNext app will save photos to your local device and to the cloud. The app will support integration with popular online photo services and social networks such as Flickr, Picasa, Google+, Facebook, and Dropbox.

The app will also handle video playback in addition to still photos. The feature set is very similar to the ASOP gallery app that is already available. The catch is that the current AOSP app is tipped to be replaced by Google+ Photos, which some folks don't like the idea of.

Some features that are new for GalleryNext are support for animated GIFs. The app also has a feature called Moments that groups and classifies images and videos based on metadata. The GalleryNext app is available for people to try out in beta form for members of the CyanogenMod Community.

SOURCE: Android Community