CVS tipped to be testing Apple Pay

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 12, 2016, 4:29 pm CST
CVS tipped to be testing Apple Pay

CVS said in a tweet that it is “evaluating mobile payment options” for its customers, and word has surfaced that Apple Pay is included among those tests. Though Apple Pay isn’t officially available in the stores, there have been reports on social media by Apple Pay users who say they were able to use it in certain CVS stores. One particular tip has surfaced stating Apple Pay is being accepted by a specific store in Key West, Florida, as well.

Apple Insider reports getting info from a tipster, and they shared the screenshot below, which shows a transaction having taken place at CVS Pharmacy. The screenshot shows the transaction took place at a “Key West, FL” store, though which one isn’t clear.

Here’s why Rite Aid, CVS don’t accept Apple Pay

While CVS continues to live in the payment dark ages, many of its competitors and other retail destinations have rolled out support for mobile payments, including Android Pay and Apple Pay. In the case of Walmart, it elected to create it own mobile payment option, which it has just recently rolled out across the nation. It’s not surprising, then, that CVS is looking into supporting mobile payments, as well.

In the early days of mobile payment attention — that is, late-ish 2014 — CVS was one of a few retailers that had seemingly aligned itself with CurrentC, which is now effectively dead. While competitor Rite Aid has originally aligned itself with CurrentC, as well, it saw the light last year and now accepts mobile payments like Android Pay.

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