Customizable tissue box-it leaves you with that “ewwie” feeling

Abby McVay - Feb 28, 2007
Customizable tissue box-it leaves you with that “ewwie” feeling

Every single time I look at this tissue box, it creeps me out. So, me being the kind person that I am I felt the urge to pass on the feeling to our readers here at Slashgear. This tissue box doesn’t just come with a baby; you can put your own pictures in there, exciting isn’t it.

I’m sure some of you look at it and think that it’s cute, but it just looks unnatural. I agree tissue boxes do need to be updated and brought back to life with something besides a “cozy”. I would rather we just leave them as is than create them to look like this. Normally something like this would make me chuckle a bit, but for some unknown reason it weirds me out.

Besides that, if any of my friends got a hold of this puppy, things would turn dirty really quick. I can’t quite imagine all the things that poor tissue box would be forced to do. If you would like to purchase one for yourself they are priced at around $10. Just keep in mind we really don’t need to know what you do with it.

Photo Tissue Box
[via GadgetCandy]

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