Custom Game of Thrones Xbox One is real, but prepare to be disappointed

There you are, still in awe after last night's Game of Thrones finale. You're replaying all of the intrigue and drama over and over again in your head as you cling to your Hodor plush and look at maps of Westeros and Essos plastered on your walls, trying to figure out where the series will be headed once it returns next year. One might even dare to call you a superfan, and what better for such a Game of Thrones fanatic than this special edition Xbox One?

That serious looking machine was revealed today as the product of a partnership between Microsoft and Warner France. Unfortunately for the vast majority of us, the console itself won't be available for sale. Instead, a very tiny number of them will be given away as prizes for a social media contest being held by Xbox France. A mere retweet, like, or comment on Xbox France's Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram pages will get an entry into the contest to win one of these bad boys, so if you're a savvy social media user, you might consider giving the contest a shot.

The good news here is that Xbox One retail games aren't region locked, so assuming the contest rules permit it, someone from outside the European region could conceivably win one of these consoles and play their existing Xbox One library on it. Things get a little more complicated when dealing with Xbox Live games, but as long as you have a payment method corresponding to a supported region, you should be good to go.

Of course, this isn't the first time Game of Thrones and video games have crossed paths. There have been a handful of Game of Thrones video games released since the series started gaining traction with audiences, including a Telltale-made episodic game that just so happens to be discounted during the Steam summer sale. So, if you don't manage to snag one of these special edition consoles or you were never a console gamer to begin with, there are ways to get your Game of Thrones fix as we wait for the series to return (please hurry up, April).

SOURCE: Xbox France