Custom black Dbrand PS5 parts dare Sony to sue

Dbrand just dared Sony to sue them for making custom parts for the PlayStation 5 gaming console. This dare suggests that Dbrand is not afraid of legal action on the part of Sony due to their ever-so-slightly customized parts that make said parts (apparently) just different enough to be legal to sell. This release suggests Dbrand is familiar with a similar case (and cut from sale) of similar products in recent weeks.

Back in January of 2021, a custom black PS5 was revealed with a suggestion that it'd be available for sale once produced. The creators of the PS5 planned on purchasing a bunch of PS5 units, opening the boxes, and re-fitting said consoles with custom parts. The custom parts were basically molded iterations of the original external shell of the PS5, re-cast in black... or simply coated in black paint.

Here with Dbrand, it would appear that they've gone the extra mile. They've created shields for the Sony PlayStation 5 with a 3D texture design that's similar to that of certain bits of the PS5 experience, changed JUST enough that they can't be sued.

If you look up close and personal on your Sony PlayStation 5 controller, you'll see a pattern of classic PlayStation button shapes. With this new set of shields for the console, Dbrand delivered what they call "a familiar-but-legally-distinct apocalyptic spin on the classic PlayStation button shapes."

At the point at which this article is set to go live, Dbrand seems to have sold out three "waves" of parts. That includes wave 1 shipping in February, 2 in March, 3 in April. The next "wave" will ship in May of 2021.

Dbrand is selling their "matte black" PlayStation 5 shield parts ("Darkplates" they call them), and a microfiber cloth for approximately $49 USD. Users can also purchase a skin for the middle section of the console in a variety of wild colors and off-the-wall patterns for around $12 USD.