CUBEDGE EDGE.sound Bluetooth speaker boots Solemate for battery life

Bluetooth speakers continue to proliferate, and with wireless sound no longer sufficient to wow on its own, companies like CUBEDGE are turning to audio quality to try to eke out an advantage. The EDGE.sound, despite having an oddly punctuated name, does at least do its best to hit all the right points on the frequency range, with the battery-powered block delivering 40HZ-20kHz audio.

That's not quite the same as the average human hearing range, which kicks off at around the 20Hz point, but the top end is roughly the same. Somewhat lacking bass frequencies are to be expected in a portable speaker, however, so we can probably forgive the EDGE.sound that.

Connectivity is via Bluetooth 3.0 – CUBEDGE claims it hooks up 90-percent faster than Bluetooth 2.1 can – and there's an integrated microphone for hands-free calling. The integrated battery is good for 10-14 hours of runtime off a single charge, it's promised, comfortably exceeding the 8hrs Jabra promises for its Solemate.

It can even be charged up – at least partially – via an optional solar panel, and the whole thing is finished in sturdy rubber. It's on sale now, undercutting the Solemate at $149.