Crystal Rocked takes your Beats and Street by 50 headphones to a new shiny level

There's not a whole lot of devices out there at this point that the group known as Crystal Rocked have not bumped up an ultimate over-the-top level of glitz, and both Beats by Dre and Street by 50 have been caught on the radar and pushed through the crystal machine by the masters. What you'll get with the Beats by Dre set of audio blasters is the "Mixr" model tricked out in 2750 individual Swarovski Crystals. What you'll get with the Street by 50 headphones is two shades of Swarovski Crystals which they've declined to number.

What on earth you'd be thinking when you pick these up unless you're one of the people involved in the company behind the two, one simply cannot guess. Crystal Rocked's claim to fame on the Street by 50 model is that they're the first group on the planet to have gotten sets of the headphones in for customization specifically, while the Dre headphones they've simply gone nuts on without any special bonus. You will notice, if you step back for a moment and see the craftsmanship inherent, that everything the folks at Crystal Rocked have touched here has nothing less that a perfectly fine quality in a big way.

Each crystal has been placed with care, and each device has had its design poured over and perfected. Notice how there's a perfect amount of crystals placed in the logos, for example. This perfection doesn't come cheap, of course, with the Street by 50 models chiming in at £580.00, that being something like $900 USD, while the Beats will be costing you a cool £549.00, that close enough $900 USD once again to make your nose bleed. Then there's the older models, too – that's right! This isn't the first time a pair of Beats by Dre have been tricked out with crystals by this crew.

Then there's a pair of Sennheisers in there, some Audio Technica headphones, and some Sony MDR over-ears as well. There's even a pair of Beats in-ear earbuds! You can crystalize anything, folks, go for it!

[via Crystal Rocked]