Crestron Procise PSPHD 7.3 surround sound processor previewed

Chris Davies - Aug 3, 2009
Crestron Procise PSPHD 7.3 surround sound processor previewed

Details are more than scarce right now, but whole-house A/V specialists Crestron have been showing off their latest surround-sound processor that promises what CEO and founder George Feldstein describes as “the absolutely latest killer surround sound processor and equalization.”  The Crestron Procise PSPHD 7.3 surround sound system with video processor incorporates a 400W-per-channel amp and two “giant” transformers.

In a demonstration for Electronic House, a Crestron engineer played classic track “Hotel California” through the Procise PSPHD and a $50 set of Radio Shack speakers, enough for article author Julie Jacobson to be “in heaven”.  When they switched to “real” speakers the audio reportedly “made the guitars come to life.”

The Procise PSPHD can be used in 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3 mode, with the system automatically adjusting its bass settings accordingly.  In fact, according to Feldstein the whole system uses brand new technology which Crestron licensed from the inventor; “It’s analog quality with a digital amp” he explained, “I’ve always been against digital amplifiers but I’ve been trying to make it fail and I can’t.”

Crestron is yet to announce availability or pricing details for the Procise PSPHD 7.3, nor the surround sound processor’s full specifications.

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