Creative MuVo T200 PMP storage doubled to 4GB

Creative has taken time out from licking its class-action wounds to stuff a few more gigabytes into their Shuffle-rival, the MuVo T200. The PMP, which previously had only been available with 2GB, will now come in a 4GB version. Unlike Apple's entry-level MP3 player, the T200 has a compact 128 x 32 pixels 65k color display.

Using a non-replaceable rechargeable battery, Creative are promising up to 9hrs playback from a single charge. Music is transferred to the PMP via its built-in USB 2.0 plug, and hooking it up to the computer also recharges it. MP3, WMA/WMA (DRM9) and Audible Format 2,3,4 files are all supported, and Creative tentatively suggest you can fit 133hrs of WMA-encoded music onto the 4GB storage.

An FM radio is also present, with 32 preset slots. Voice recording is also supported. The T200 measures 2.5 x 7.63 x 0.86-inches and weighs 20.6g. No US price has been revealed, but the 2GB version is on sale on Creative's site for $49.99 and the 4GB will sell for 6980 yen ($67.38) in Japan.

[via Akihabara]